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This page describes how to add statistical results that are missing yet.

You can find course page in the category of all course pages, Category:Courses by alphabet, by chair index Category:Chairs of Department of Informatics, or using search box on the top right side. Unfortunately it is not possible to check automatically which of exams you took are missing in the system, but we will be very grateful to you if you check if the results of all your exams are present and upload those of them that are missing. Most likely you have had 5, 10 or 15 of them, so it probably won't take you much time.

If you were able to find a page for the target course and the result for your exam is missing there, proceed to the section #How to upload a new statistical results chart. Otherwise checkout section #How to create a course page first.

How to create a course page

Create a course page

Enter the course name in the box below and check out the instructions on the opened page. Please follow the page naming guidelines described under the box.

Please name the course page in the following format: Course Name (Course Code), where Course Name is the full course name in English, e.g. Patterns in Software Engineering, and Course Code is the code or number of the course, e.g. IN2081, so the entire name will be Patterns in Software Engineering (IN2081). If the course has multiple codes, please list all of them using a comma as a separator.

Create a course data template

Course data template contains information about relations between semesters and exam result files. They are stored in category Category:Course data templates and normally have the same name as the course page with "Template:" prefix in the beginning. Besides this, if correctly defined, such a template is linked at the bottom of description header shown on the course page. If a course data template already exists, you can proceed to the next section.

After you create a course page, there will be a warning that a course data template has not beet created yet with the link to do this. Please click it and follow the instructions on the opened page to create a new template.

How to upload a new statistical results chart

An example of statistical results chart

How to find the chart in TUMonline

  • After you have logged in, click on Exam Results link on the start page;
  • You will see the list of exams you took. Click on the title of the required exam;
  • In the opened window, find the section Statistical evaluation of exam results and click on Details;
  • The graph shown in the opened popup is the statistical results chart. Please make a screenshot of it and upload if it missing; You will see the graph as shown on the right. Make sure that the screenshot is well-readable and contains the information about the course (title, date taken, etc.) as well.
  • You can switch between main and retake exam by selecting a different entry in the drop down menu in Exam date section on the top of the page.

Screenshots for this process are available at How to find exam results in TUMonline page.

How to upload the chart

  • To prevent abuse of the system, please register first to be able upload files. All the data except username is password is optional.
  • Make a screenshot in TUMoline and save it locally. If possible, crop it appropriately.
  • Navigate to the file upload page and upload the screenshot. Specify a meaningful destination name, e.g. IN2081 - Patterns - WS2012-13.png or IN2081 - Patterns - WS2012-13 (retake).png and select the TUM Fair Use license.
  • Open data source template for the target course (it is available in the course description box as Data source template), and click Edit link. Keeping reversed chronological ordering, add a new entry matching semester code and the destination name of the file you uploaded. Follow the convention when adding a new semester code: e.g. ws1314, ws1314retake, ss14, ss14retake. If such an entry already exists and has value missing, replace it with the filename.

What to do if the required semester is missing

  • If you can't find the required semester number on the course page, it is probably missing in the course data template. Click on the template name at the bottom of the course description block (Data source template) and edit it by adding the required semester. After saving the template, check the course page again (try purging the cache if there is no change).

Possible issues

Page caching

If you updated saved a template but the page it includes still shows an old version, this may be due to caching. Please see the article in English Wikipedia how to purge the page cache: [1]. In two words, add ?action=purge parameter to the page URL.